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Workout: 80/20 Workout

The Simple Science to Gaining More Muscle by Training Less
Autor: Felix Harder
Sprecher: Carl Moore
Spieldauer: 54 Min.

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Want to know how 80% of muscle building can be achieved through only 20% effort? Then you want to listen to this audiobook! It shows you how much easier and less time-consuming your workout and dieting routine can be if you simply focus on a few critical exercises and diet strategies. The value of the 80/20 Rule is to focus on the 20% in bodybuilding that really matters. Once you have identified these critical factors, you can expect faster than usual muscle growth and fat loss, with just a few important exercises and a handful of simple diet strategies. These strategies have been used by bodybuilders for decades and are scientifically proven to work. The 80/20 Workout covers the three most important aspects of bodybuilding:

  • A workout plan that is proven to make you gain muscle and strength
  • Following a good diet with proper nutrition
  • Getting enough rest for recovery

Each exercise in this audiobook contains:

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to perform the exercise
  • Details about the primary and secondary muscles involved
  • Safety tips
  • And possible variations

Avoid simply copying friends at the gym! This usually leads to injuries and long-term joint problems. To spare yourself such issues, you need to educate yourself on how to train correctly. I promise you that if you follow the 80/20 workout, you will build muscle and lose fat more efficiently and with less effort.

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