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    All through the war, the nurses of St. Marylebone Infirmary have stood strong, but they’re about to be tested as never before when a deadly flu sweeps the country....

    1918, London. Twenty-year-old Emily Burdon has been training as a nurse at St. Marylebone Infirmary, learning on the job as she tends to patients from the crowded poorhouses that ring the hospital as well as wounded soldiers returning from the war. She pours her heart into her nursing while she waits for happier times - peace in Europe and the return of her childhood sweetheart, Lewis, from the Western Front. 

    But when the deadly Spanish Flu arrives in London on the heels of the war, Emily’s faith and courage are put to the test. All around her men and women in the prime of their lives are wasting away, and until a cure is found, there is nothing for Emily and her colleagues to do except make them comfortable, treat them as best they can...and, eventually, ease the pain of their passing. 

    But then Lewis catches the deadly flu himself on his way back home, just as a new doctor is transferred to head up Emily’s ward. From the distant land of Prince Edward Island in Canada, Dr. James Cantor is the first of a generations-old farming family to have left the island, and wartime London feels a long way away from the rugged beauty of his homeland. But despite their differences, he and Emily find common ground in their passion for helping patients and stopping the spread of the disease. But with life forever changed around her and Lewis’ future hanging by a thread, can Emily survive the most terrible epidemic in the history with her life - and heart - intact? 

    A heartbreaking historical novel based on true history - emotional and unforgettable. Perfect for fans of Jean Grainger, The Beantown Girls, and Diney Costeloe.

    ©2021 Bookouture, an imprint of Storyfire Ltd. (P)2021 Bookouture, an imprint of Storyfire Ltd.

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