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    You’ve been lifting for a few years. When you take your shirt off, do you look like a professional athlete? Do you even look like you work out?

    Many so-called fitness experts defend weights and cardio like they are infallible. But where are the results? Why does almost nobody look even marginally athletic?

    Fitness may be the most failed human endeavor, and you are about to hear how exercise science has missed some obvious principles that, when enacted, will turn you into the superhuman that you've always wanted to be.

    In Weight Lifting Is a Waste of Time, Dr. John Jaquish and Henry Alkire explore the science that supports this argument and present a superior strength-training approach that has been known to put 20 pounds of muscle on drug-free, experienced lifters (i.e., not beginners) in six months.

    ©2020 Dr. John Jaquish (P)2020 Dr. John Jaquish

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