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    We fought them for decades.

    And we won.

    But victory has proven more destructive than defeat.

    Years after defeating aliens bent on burning down the galaxy, the Interstellar Union is breaking apart, its member species undermining each other at every opportunity.

    When an interdimensional distress signal arrives, only humanity is interested in helping.

    Captain Vin Husher is sent in with a task force....

    ...right into a trap laid by humanity’s old enemy.

    Surrounded by a bioengineered super-species and unable to return home, Husher must draw on decades of experience just to keep his people alive.

    If he can’t survive long enough to escape this hellish pocket universe and warn humanity of the impending danger, all will be lost.

    And it might already be too late.

    ©2019 Scott Bartlett, Joshua James (P)2019 Mirth Publishing

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