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Timely Tales in Thirty Minutes 

Spend your next 30 minutes traveling to a future where first adopters have the most advanced robot butlers or where everyone has a superpower - except the young man you just met. Or perhaps you prefer a good hard-boiled detective story or one about a hardscrabble life in the Australian outback.

This collection of ten 30 minute stories read by five talented narrators will ease your commute or just be a half-hour treat whenever you want one. The stories are: 

"Brothers" by Danielle Ackley-McPhail, narrated by Jennifer Fournier
"The Drover's Wife" by Henry Lawson, narrated by Denis Daly
"The Nothing" by Frank Herbert, narrated by Suzanne Barbetta
"The Nature of the Evidence" by May Sinclair, narrated by Steve Rimpici
"Valley of Spiders" by H. G. Wells, narrated by Cate Barrett
"Human Repentends" by Marcus Clarke, narrated by Denis Daly
"Second Sight" by Alan Edward Nourse, narrated by Suzanne Barbetta
"Goodman Brown" by Nathaniel Hawthorne, narrated by Cate Barrett
"Who Wouldn't Want an Anatomically Correct Robot Butler" by J. A. Pak, narrated by Jennifer Fournier
"Sleeping Dogs" by Robert Leslie Bellem, narrated by Steve Rimpici

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