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Billionaire explorer David Purdue accidentally steals the wrong relic from under the nose of an old foe, archaeologist Prof. Rita Medley. What he doesn’t know, however, is that her husband, who is always by her side, is part of the mafia family Cosa Nostra and harbors some secrets of his own. 

Meanwhile, investigative journalist Sam Cleave learns that the daughter of his best friend, MI6 agent Patrick Smith, has been abducted from her home. Patrick blames his involvement with Sam Cleave and Dave Purdue for his daughter's kidnapping. But Sam, investigating the kidnappings, realizes that the young girl is but one of seven girls taken from all over Europe. What they’ve been kidnapped for is the awful question. 

When Prof. Medley and her unsavory husband track Purdue down for the relic he stole, Purdue cuts a deal with them to help locate the Vault of Hercules, an arcane legend known only to those who have possessed the stolen relic before. Historian Dr. Nina Gould accompanies Purdue, Cleave, and Prof. Medley's people on an expedition to Greece to find the vault, which reputedly alters regular children into proverbial demigods. But both Prof. Medley's husband and Sam have hidden agendas fueling their reasons for locating the chamber. 

Sam finds out that the abduction of the girls is linked to the search for the vault, but will he be able to save the children without exposing his mission? Time is running out for the kidnapped girls, while the expedition party barely functions in the midst of all the distrust and danger. Will they be able to make it to Greece on time to discover the Vault of Hercules before falling prey to forces on their tracks? 

A word from the author: Hello and thank you for your interest in my book. It has come to my attention that some people have been mistaking my books for those written by the famous author duo Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. This is not the case. I wish to clarify that I am not, by any means, related to Douglas Preston or Lincoln Child, Lee Child or any other author called Preston Child. I hope this clears up the confusion. 

The Vault of Hercules leads the listener on a roller-coaster ride in search of a legend. Packed with breathtaking suspense and nerve-shredding action, The Vault of Hercules is a thrilling listen for all fans of action, suspense, and intrigue.

©2016 Preston W. Child (P)2020 Preston W. Child

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