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    The Pyrates is all the swashbucklers that ever were, rolled into one great technicoloured pantomime - tall ships and desert islands, impossibly gallant adventurers and glamorous heroines, buried treasure and black spots, devilish dons and ghastly dungeons, plots, duels, escapes, savage rituals, tender romance and steaming passion, all to the accompaniment of ringing steel, thunderous broadsides, sweeping film music, and the sound of cursing extras falling in the water and exchanging period dialogue. Even Hollywood buccaneers were never like this.

    ©2015 George MacDonald Fraser (P)2015 HarperCollins Publishers Limited


    Praise for The Pyrates:
    "Its all there right down to a Dead Man's Chest, cleavages that are everything they should be, and characters in sea boots, who say nothing but 'Arr!' and 'Me Hearty!' in a plot that is wonderfully absurd." ( Financial Times)
    "Fabulous…you'll want to stay up all night reading this one." ( Washington Post)
    "The most wonderfully idiotic lovesong to swashbucklers ever set to Korngold trumpets. Fraser again proves himself the master." ( New York Times)
    Praise for Black Ajax:
    "Mr. Fraser is a great historical novelist, and in Black Ajax he is at the very top of his form. Damme if he ain't." (Christopher Matthew, Daily Mail)
    "This is not a flashy novel, wearing its learning noisily. It's rigorous, intelligent, meticulously horrifying. Wonderfully well done." (Nicci Gerrard, Observer)

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