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The Power of Perseverance

Sprecher: Michael Wickett
Spieldauer: 5 Std. und 22 Min.

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Have you ever written down a goal? As you were writing it, did you hear two voices in your head? One voice saying: "That's it. I'm going to change my life!" "You can have it if you work for it!" Then the other saying: "Don't be a fool; you'll lose everything." "Forget It. That's ridiculous." The first voice is the positive voice of your dream; the other is the voice of current reality. The second voice sees only the present and the past (which no longer exists)... but the first sees the future as it could be. Michael Wickett says listen to that positive voice, and you'll begin building a new reality, one that isn't based on today, but based on dreams of the future. Each step toward a dream builds belief. It changes reality and adds another brick to the foundation that becomes your new life. Go ahead and dream big dreams... but don't stop there. Today is the best time to start building those dreams. Time to take action! Each year as he travels the world to various speaking engagements, Michael Wickett searches for people who have lived their dreams. He has met and interviewed thousands of them. In The Power of Perseverance, you'll hear many of their stories - stories that can change your life. With each new person Michael interviews, he finds confirmation of this one idea: People who take action and pursue their dreams, who keep pursuing regardless of initial failure, make their dreams come to life. In The Power of Perseverance, Michael Wickett helps you: 

  • Learn the Five Action Steps for changing your life. 
  • Develop a success support system. 
  • Begin the most wonderful year of your life. 
  • Learn to rely on yourself alone for fulfillment of your dreams and happiness. 
  • Recognize and answer your "wake-up calls". 
  • Give up limiting illusions. 
  • Learn the Master Mind Principle 
  • Develop unconditional love. 

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©1991 Nightingale Conant for Wickett (P)1991 Nightingale Conant

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