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    A nightingale overhears a forlorn lover despairing for a red rose with which to woo, and is so moved that he chooses to sacrifice himself in getting that young man the exact flower he requires. Anton Lesser, well known for his character work in British television and films, is melancholy and compelling in his performance of Irish essayist, poet, and playwright Oscar Wilde’s ironic fairy tale centered on the nature, consequences, and likely futility of love-inspired actions. This performance is a selection from The Happy Prince and Other Stories collection of Wilde’s fairy tales.


    This is a story from the The Happy Prince and Other Stories collection.

    Oscar Wilde's collection of fairy stories are among the greatest and most poignant classics for children and adults alike. Humour, pathos, delightful little characters abound in the stories of The Happy Prince and the Swallow who agrees to keep him company despite approaching winter; The Selfish Giant, who doesn't want children playing in his garden, and The Remarkable Rocket. In addition, there are those who are not so familiar: The Star Child, The Young King, and The Devoted Friend.

    ©1998 NAXOS AudioBooks Ltd. (P)1998 NAXOS AudioBooks Ltd.

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