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    Throughout my many years in the occult, I recall many wonderful things. I was enamored by so many different systems that I just had to try them all. For the most part, I did. Some with great success and some not so much. One aspect of the magickal practices that really interested me was the use of talismanic or seal magick. I used all kinds of talismans, and each had its own energy and feel. However, I found the Seals of Solomon (also known as the Talismans of Solomon or the Pentacles of Solomon) to be very interesting. Partly because there is so much information about them, finding the information was a breeze.

    Now one can find almost everything about them online. There is one problem though, the information online and in many books on the subject are very difficult to understand, and as you may have guessed, if you have listened to my other books, I don't use conventional methods when I preform magick. I found the convoluted and difficult ways described in the books to be a distraction; a distraction that will most likely turn many people off. It is for this reason I am writing this book. We tend to hyper-focus on the Judeo-Christian aspects only and for the most part that is what I will also do in this book as well. However, there is also another, just as ancient tradition of Solomonic magick in Muslim tradition as well. I will attempt to synthesize all the information in such a way that will make the use of Solomonic talisman effective and approachable. With that, let us begin.

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    ©2016 Baal Kadmon (P)2016 Baal Kadmon

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