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    Magical retellings of four classic fairy tales.

    "The Little Mermaid", read by Tamsin Greig: The youngest child of the Mer King lives in a beautiful underwater city. But on her first trip to the world above the ocean, she meets a handsome human Prince and falls in love....

    "Rumpelstiltskin", read by Stephen Mangan: A beautiful miller's daughter is locked away by the King and told she will never see her family again unless she spins straw into gold. Then an ancient dwarf promises to help - but there is a price to pay...

    "The Snow Queen", read by Stephen Mangan: Sebastian and Anna are best friends who do everything together. So when Sebastian falls into the hands of the evil Snow Queen, Anna is determined to rescue him.

    "The Little Match Girl", read by Tamsin Greig: It is bitterly cold, and the Little Match Girl is walking the icy streets in bare feet, trying to sell just one box of matches so she can go home and get warm. But no-one wants to buy....

    Public Domain (P)2012 Audible, Inc.

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