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The Roman Catholic Inquisition was one of the most controversial organizations in human history. Although it has been painted in a negative light, the Inquisition was too broad in scope to define as simply good or bad. It was a period where conflict and bloodshed were inevitable. It was a time where war, famine, plague, and poverty were common factors of human life. From the 1180s to the 1830s, the Inquisition was the judicial arm of the Catholic Church. Created to root out and punish heretics within the Catholic faith, the Inquisition became an institution that would carve its name into history.   

Inside you will hear about....

  • The Conception of the Inquisition 
  • The Hammer of Witches 
  • The Spanish Inquisition 
  • The Portuguese Inquisition 
  • The Roman Inquisition 
  • Shades of the Inquisition in Modern Society  

And much more!

Throughout its many variations, the Inquisition took hold in France, Spain, Portugal, and Italy and in the process, both hastened and stunted progress in Western society. The Inquisition was as multi-faceted in its failure as it was in its successes. Though it was responsible for the deaths of thousands, it was also responsible for the sparing of thousands more. The Inquisition put to death some of the brightest minds of the time, and yet their brutality quickened the pace of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment. In short, the Inquisition was many things - easy to define is not one of them. This concise, compressed audiobook reveals the history, failures, and successes of the Roman Catholic Inquisition from its birth to its final death rattle.

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