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The Fifth Territory

The Dark Assassin, Book Two
Sprecher: Doug Tisdale Jr.
Serie: The Dark Assassin, Titel 2
Spieldauer: 10 Std. und 3 Min.
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A journey for which no assassin would be ready...

His best friend is dying an agonizing death. The love of his life has rejected him. His parents, once thought dead, are actually alive. The ancient evil that terrorized his young life has been reawakened.

With hopes of finding a way to save his friend from a slow death, Esh dares the dangerous skies to cross the Endless Sea to the Fifth Territory of Auroth. It is here he discovers an entirely new race, one that relies heavily on a powerful sorcery of which he’s never heard: the Radiance. 

It is this Radiant energy that offers Esh hope that Barish can be saved, yet his hopes are dashed when he learns the source of this power, the Lambent Heart, has been stolen. 

Not only does the fate of his best friend lie on his shoulders, but now, so do the souls of an entire civilization, as they have lost their life source. As Esh turns his attention to tracking down the Lambent Heart, his own heart sinks, for that which he seeks lies in the chest of a 700-foot monster - and it’s headed his way.

And Master Rift's training didn't include anything on slaying a colossus!

This audiobook is for you if you love:

  • An assassin who takes on a colossus (That just sounds epic....)
  • Action-packed sword and sorcery works
  • Dark fantasy books about great sword-wielding assassins
  • The use of alchemy
  • Exotic and wondrous new worlds
  • A parasitic, evil energy that will stop at nothing to control its host.
©2018 Stevie Collier (P)2018 Stevie Collier

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