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    When a lady discovers that even the most unworthy deserve a second chance at love....

    Miss Estelle Darcy is running from her past. Everyone believes she drowned in a shipwreck off the French coast, and many times she wished she had. The smugglers who rescued her are not the sort of men one crosses. Still, London is a vast city with plenty of unsuitable places where a lady might hide. 

    Lord Trevane's pledge to find Miss Darcy has him in a quandary. The only woman ever to haunt his dreams is dead. The only woman Vane ever loved perished eight years ago on the Torrens. Moreover, how does one look for a ghost? And why would he want to when he's convinced the lady abandoned him and eloped with her lover? Besides, he has his own problems. Renowned for being the most dangerous lord of the ton, ladies are scheming to bed him. Jealous men are plotting to drive a blade through his cold heart. And he has plans to wreak vengeance on the scoundrel responsible for ruining his sister. 

    But when Fate intervenes and throws them together again, Estelle and Vane must address the mistakes of the past. Neither can risk acknowledging the love they once shared. Damaged by their experiences, both believe it's too late for second chances. So, how will they fare when the wolves come knocking? How will they fare when passion burns and their need for each other proves too tempting to resist? 

    Regency historical romance with elements of mystery and suspense
    Contains some descriptive sex scenes
    Approx. 70,000 words

    ©2018 Adele Clee (P)2018 Adele Clee

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