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    The messages in this book were given as the last of a series of meetings called leadership courses for the people of God in Cameroon. At the time of preparing the messages I felt that I owed it to the Lord and his people to say all that was on my heart in case it was not possible for the audience to hear me in the future. I thought I should say my last word to the Church. Here it is.

    I have borrowed extensively from the thoughts of Watchman Nee in writing the message “The Cross and Our Priorities.”

    I believe that the Cross is central in the life and ministry of the believer. My prayer for myself and for the Body of Christ is that we may each know the Cross experientially and then the Holy Spirit will have His way unhindered in our lives to the glory of the Lord.

    May the Lord use these messages for the enriching of some in his Church.

    ©1984 Zacharias Tanee Fomum (P)2019 ZTF Books Online

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