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    Whether you are a devotee of the series or a first-time sampler, you will find this latest portion of

    Chicken Soup for the Soul both riveting and heartwarming. Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen have woven another tapestry of timeless tales and inspiring wisdom. This treasury is a tribute to life and humanity, with topics ranging the entire emotional and experiential gamut. The nature of the stories invites you to enjoy Chicken Soup in whatever way you find most comforting: by the spoonful, by the bowl, or the whole pot in one sitting.

    Like it's predecessors in the series, this collection invites you to share the powerful experiences of the contributing authors. In so doing, you can derive a deeper meaning from your own experiences and move forward to richer living. In everyone's life there is always room for more love, more wisdom, more inspiration, more shared stories and, of course, more Chicken Soup.

    ©1998 Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. All rights reserved. (P)1998 Health Communications, Inc.

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