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    The moment she told me no, I knew she was mine.

    I didn't come to her apartment planning to tie her to her bed and ravage her. A Russian arms dealer has no need for an innocent schoolteacher. I would have done what I came to do and left, but when she opened those gorgeous red lips and threatened to scream I knew she would be screaming long before I was finished with her.

    Screaming for me.

    I'm not just going to take her. I'm going to take over her entire world; where she lives, what she eats, where she works...her every breath will be under my control. Call it obsession. Call it depravity. I don't give a long as you call her mine.

    Sweet Depravity is a dark romance stand-alone novel intended for mature audiences.

    ©2021 Zoe Blake (P)2021 Podium Audio

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