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    Important note: This is an audiobook summary of The Complete Guide to Fasting by Jason Fung and is not the original book.

    Different diets drop in and out of fashion all the time. All of them promise sustainable weight loss and a healthier, fitter you but most are quickly replaced by the new "next best thing". One buzzword in the world of dieting and wellness at the moment is "fasting" - but is it just another fad? Not at all, says Dr. Jason Fung, author of The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting. In fact, it’s a practice that goes back thousands of years. It’s also a highly effective way to lose weight and boost your health. Dr. Fung uses his experience of working with patients who adopted fasting methods alongside the knowledge of Jimmy Moore, a health expert podcaster, to discuss the revolutionary benefits of fasting in this guide to maintaining prolonged periods without food.

    In this audiobook, A Summary of The Complete Guide to Fasting, you will find the key points of Dr. Fung’s research so you can learn about fasting in a much quicker time. All of the information is laid out in a concise and straightforward way so it’s easy to refer back to if you want a quick reminder of certain points. Fasting, according to Dr. Fung, isn’t about restricting your food so that you feel miserable and famished. It can actually leave you feeling energetic and focused, as well as bringing remarkable health benefits and weight loss. This summary briefly explains the ins and the outs of Dr. Fung’s guide to fasting so you can learn quickly and start putting your knowledge into practice immediately.

    In this audiobook, you will discover:

    • A brief yet informative summary of Dr. Fung’s guide to fasting.
    • A look at what fasting is and how it can give your health a huge boost.
    • Why fasting doesn’t mean starving - and how you’ll feel great from doing it.
    • An overview of the history of fasting and why it is more than just a modern-day fad. Fasting isn’t going away any time soon!
    • A summary of how you can start fasting and reaping the benefits straight away.If you want to learn more about fasting and how you can do it, this quick yet educational summary is ideal. 

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    ©2019 Jackie Farrington (P)2019 Jackie Farrington

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