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    Spring Awakening
    By Frank Wedekind
    Translated by Francis J. Ziegler  

    Presented by The Online Stage  

    Spring Awakening (German: Frühlings Erwachen) was the first major play by Frank Wedekind. It was written in the early 1890s but, due to opposition from censorship authorities, was not presented on stage until 1906. The play explores two contentious themes: the development of adolescent sexuality and the repressive nature of the German education system.   

     As with most of Wedekind's plays, the action is presented in a series of snapshots. In Wedekind's view, life is a series of episodes linked by the action of deeply seated human impulses, rather than the more conventional view of it as a journey to a heightened level of personal understanding.    


    Wendla Bergman - Amanda Friday Frau Bergman - Elizabeth Klett Melchior Gabor - Andy Harrington Moritz Stiefel - Ted Wenskus Frau Gabor - Maureen Boutilier The Masked Man - Denis Daly Stage directions read by Marty Krz.  

    Also featuring the voices of Jeff Moon, P.J. Morgan, Arielle Lipshaw, Chris Marcellus, Grace Keller-Scotch, Leanne Yau, Tomas Peter, Ron Altman, Larry Wilson, Andrew Coleman, Alan Weyman, John Burlinson, and Joseph Tabler.  

    Audio edited by Denis Daly.

    Public Domain (P)2019 The Online Stage

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