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Academy of Unpredictable Magic Book 1
Autor: Sadie Moss
Sprecher: Sarah Puckett
Spieldauer: 7 Std. und 14 Min.

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***Academy Reverse Harem***

Magic exists. I know - it’s in my blood.

Unfortunately, not all people from magical bloodlines have powers, and at 22, I’m several years past the age they usually appear. So I’ve resigned myself to a boring, magic-less life.

Then something strange happens....

I get stuck in the middle of a bar fight, and instead of just punching the guy back, I blow a hole in the wall.

So...I guess I do have powers. But they’re unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. This shit is definitely not normal. 

And it seems the magical authorities agree, because they give me a choice: either I go to school to learn to control my crazy new magic, or they’ll take it away. Permanently. 

Now, if I can just survive the bitchy, mean girls determined to take me down a peg; the mysterious attacks on students; the three hot-as-hell guys who don’t seem turned off by my prickly exterior; and the professor who makes me long for detention, maybe I’ll get out of here in one piece. 

Wouldn’t bet on it though. 

Welcome to the Academy of Unpredictable Magic. 

Spark is the first book in the Academy of Unpredictable Magic series, a medium-burn reverse harem story intended for ages 18 plus, featuring a badass chick and the four sexy men who fall in love with her.

©2019 Sadie Moss (P)2019 Sadie Moss

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