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Snow White and Other Stories

Sprecher: Rebecca Burns
Spieldauer: 4 Std. und 33 Min.

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Collected and published by the Brothers Grimm in the early 1800s, "Snow White" is a classic and timeless tale. The jealous queen's multiple attempts to take the beautiful Snow White's life are foiled by the sympathetic dwarfs. Eventually, Snow White gets her happily ever after with the prince, while the queen receives her comeuppance.

Included in this book are this and 20 more tales from the Grimm Brothers' collection and by Charles Perrault: "Cinderella", "Rumpelstiltskin", "The Fisherman and His Wife", "The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood", "Hans in Luck", "The Golden Bird", "Little Red Riding Hood", "King Thrushbeard", "Rapunzel", "The Fairies", "Hansel and Gretel", "The Galant Tailor", "Snow White and Rose Red", "The Raven", "The Brother and Sister", "Ricky of the Tuft", "The Twelve Brothers", "The Frog Prince", "Little Tom Thumb", and "The Golden Goose".

Public Domain (P)2012 Tantor

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