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    Five new mysteries! 

    Why do people cheat, rob, and murder? Why are people tempted to commit dark deeds? These are the questions that have always plagued the great detective, Sherlock Holmes. In this, the 12th volume of the best-selling series, Consulting Detective, he and his faithful companion, Dr. Watson, take on five new cases that will challenge their intellect and lead them through the twisted minds of nefarious souls. 

    From chasing after a notorious confidence man to solving the death of a twin, a stolen tattoo or the murder of a bride before her wedding day, writers I.A. Watson, Barbara Doran, Fred Adams Jr., and Brad Mengel have produced truly remarkable mysteries guaranteed to keep Holmes and Watson fans up late into the night. 

    Once again the game is afoot!

    ©2018 I.A. Watson, Barbara Doran, Fred Adams Jr., and Brad Mengel (P)2018

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