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    15 outstanding authors! 15 pause-resisting stories in the Salvage Title universe!

    Harmon Tomeral and his friends wanted nothing more than to go to space, and they have beaten the odds, time and again, to get there. They developed a mech and won the Top Fleet Marine competition. They brought back a battle cruiser from an unknown system and made it their own. They made allies who helped them achieve great victories, and they, ultimately, founded new colonies in what has become known as the Salvage System.

    Salvage System is a beacon of hope, and a number of other races have begun looking toward it as an inspiration for how to live and govern themselves, and - in some cases - for assistance in defending themselves and throwing off oppressive regimes.

    But the galaxy is a big place, and many of the races in it aren’t friendly. Would these forces like to take over Salvage System and acquire its resources? Absolutely.

    Fifteen incredible authors take you further into the Salvage Title universe, giving you a glimpse at some of the beacons of hope and some of the malevolence that has yet to show its face.

    Can Harmon Tomeral and his friends hold out against it? Listen and find out!

    With stories by:

    • Kevin Steverson
    • Chris Kennedy
    • Christopher Woods
    • Kevin Ikenberry
    • Robert E. Hampson
    • Van Allen Plexico
    • Ian J. Malone
    • Marisa Wolf
    • Quincy J. Allen
    • John G. Hartness
    • KC Johnston
    • Alex Rath
    • David Alan Jones
    • Mark Wandrey
    • Brad R. Torgersen
    ©2019, 2020 Chris Kennedy (P)2020 Chris Kennedy

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