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You have opportunities. We have skills.

You want to be in business for yourself? Or, make it to the top in a career? In either case, here’s some good news. You already have everything you need to succeed and exceed expectations.

From revolution to evolution, this is the resource for ideas, strategy, and expertise. Lessons to move you into leadership are hard won from experiences in both success and failure.

The word RISE offers a clue of what’s not only in our course, but in the course of your life. This is the basic outline. 

You will have as a resource four volumes in this one course. We call this course RISE for a reason. Each letter stands for specific topics to be mastered and the letters that spell RISE are used to title each of the four books. 

The letters in the word RISE provide principles that give discipline to the pursuit of starting a business and staying in business. Or, take you to the top in any established business. Master these skills and you will be stronger and stay in business longer than your competitors. 

Nightingale-Conant has researched hundreds of hours of information and selected selections from 39 authors featuring answers from 46 of their best-selling programs. 

Subjects include: 

  • Ways to sell venture capitalists and angel investors
  • How to determine markets and opportunities
  • Start-up and survival skills 
  • More ways to win whether you start a business of your own or move into the corporate corner office

These vital episodes feature edited segments that best address the topic of the specific chapter. 

This "best of" compilation course presents best-selling Nightingale-Conant experts on the skills that make you smarter than your boss. Selected topics come from these best-selling courses: 

  • Art Williams, How to Beat Talent, Brains and Education
  • Brian Tracy, How to Start and Succeed in Your Own Business; The Luck Factor; The New Psychology of Achievement  
  • Clay Sherman, The Uncommon Leader 
  • David Viscott, Taking Risks 
  • Denis Waitley, Seeds of Greatness 
  • Doug Jones, High Performance Teamwork 
  • Earl Nightingale, Our Changing World; Success in America 
  • Garrett Gunderson, New Rules to Get Rich 
  • James Kouzes, Achieving Credibility; The Key to Effective Leadership 
  • Jay Conrad Levinson, 62 Free Ways to Grow Your Business Profit 
  • Jeffrey Fox, How to Be a Rainmaker; Unexpected Rules for Business and Personal Success 
  • Jim Rohn, Take Charge of Your Life; The Power of Ambition  
  • Plus much, much, much more!

PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase this title, the accompanying PDF will be available in your Audible Library along with the audio.

©2019 Nightingale-Conant (P)2019 Nightingale-Conant

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