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    When Savannah Carter takes a job as a personal assistant in upstate New York, she never expected to be working for a man like Wade Hart. With his sparkling green eyes and devious smile, he is a man she both hates and adores. When their professional relationship becomes more intimate, Savannah is ecstatic...until she hears a phone call that changes everything.

    “I never should have hired her, she can ruin everything.” Those words whispered by Wade on the phone shock her, but before she can confront him about what she's heard, he disappears, leaving only a cryptic note behind. Suddenly Savannah’s “too good to be true” job seems to be exactly that.

    What are the secrets that Wade is hiding from her? How is she a threat to him? And just who is her mysterious new friend, Gordon, and why is he so insistent on being in her life? While Savannah’s heart is falling for Wade, her brain is telling her to run. Can the man who ignites her hidden passions be her happily ever after? Or should she heed the warnings and run back to New York City before she gets burned?

    ©2020 J. S. Cooper (P)2020 J. S. Cooper

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