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    To the rude guy in apartment five,

    I’m glad you’re happy to have moved into a new apartment, but no:

    I do not want to have a beer with you.

    I do not want to have a nude sleepover.

    I do not want to make you breakfast, lunch or dinner, no matter how many lap dances you promise to give me.

    I do not need you to serenade me through the walls at 1am.

    And no, I have no interest in letting you take me on a date.


    Magnolia Allen

    P.S. And no, I do not want to know how many accents you can growl in during intimate moments. How is that even a thing?

    P. P. S. Also, you will never find me standing naked in your living room ever again, so please stop leaving lingerie packages on my welcome mat.

    ©2020 J. S. Cooper (P)2020 J. S. Cooper

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