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    Are you afraid of the end of the world?

    Discover how you can join millions who will be saved and how to help those left behind.

    Uncertain about what God has in store for you? Are you worried you aren’t prepared for the return of Jesus? Do you fear for the salvation of your friends and family? While no one knows the hour of Christ’s return, the faithful millions await ascension while the clock still ticks for those uncommitted to his path.

    From the day Marsha Kuhnley was born again, she devoted her life to saving souls through ministry and studying the word of God. Her background as an analyst makes her uniquely qualified to break down complex theology into easily understandable concepts and guide you and your loved ones to your heavenly reward.

    Rapture 911: What to Do If You’re Left Behind is your all-in-one resource to survive the tribulation and prepare for the second coming. Through Kuhnley’s easy-to-understand biblical analysis, you’ll cut through modern myths and misunderstandings so that you and your family can feel safe in God’s hands.

    In this audiobook, you’ll discover:

    • A theological overview of forthcoming events surrounding the end times so you can be fully prepared
    • Reasons why millions of people will disappear and what those left behind can do to be saved
    • The truth behind fake news and deceptions surfacing today that will be prominent after the rapture
    • Examples of prophecies fulfilled that prove God’s word is trustworthy
    • Coping mechanisms from biblical heroes to better handle shame, grief, and fear
    • A checklist of preparations, a handy glossary, and much, much more!

    Rapture 911: What to Do If You’re Left Behind is your handbook for navigating the apocalypse. If you like to-the-point information, actionable checklists, and helping save your loved ones’ souls, then you’ll love Marsha Kuhnley’s sobering guide to humanity’s final days.

    ©2019 Marsha Kuhnley (P)2019 Marsha Kuhnley

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