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Pulling His Wishbone

Straight to Gay First Time MM Thanksgiving Romance
Sprecher: Timothy Baxter
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 42 Min.
Kategorien: English - Romance

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It's Thanksgiving, and Riley wants to pull Dustin's wishbone!

A highly successful real estate developer, Dustin returns to his gritty steel hometown to purchase and close the failing mill and make another fortune by selling off the land.

Once he arrives, "Dusty" isn't prepared for what he finds.

Overwhelmed by a wave of nostalgia, he ends up hosting a Thanksgiving feast for the entire town. He also doesn't count on falling in love - with his former football teammate, Riley Dunn, aka "Wishbone". A shared bottle of whiskey is all it takes for Dusty to shed his inhibitions and give in to his carnal desires, which Riley expertly satisfies.

Caught between exploring the feelings he has for his best friend and the money he stands to gain by destroying the town's livelihood, Dustin must make a choice that could ruin his chances of happiness forever.

©2016 Julian Clearwater (P)2016 Julian Clearwater


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