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Privateers in Exile

Privateer Tales, Book 16
Sprecher: Mikael Naramore
Serie: Privateer Tales, Titel 16
Spieldauer: 10 Std. und 36 Min.

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A scouting mission gone bad. A life-changing loss of time. Can a privateer team navigate a bloody revolution to find their way home? 

Liam Hoffen is used to straightforward missions going off the rails. But when he emerges from a crash-landing, one look tells him he’ll need more than a simple repair job. Having spent years inadvertently trapped in stasis, life has done more than pass him’s dumped his entire team into an alien revolution. 

Stranded on a rugged world hundreds of thousands of light years from home, Liam and his crew are immediately swept up in incomprehensible planetary politics. Choosing the wrong side to defeat a fresh menace could be the difference between life and death. 

Can Liam find a way off the planet before it becomes their final resting place? 

Privateers in Exile is the 16th stand-alone audiobook in the Privateer Tales series of military space operas. If you like alien firefights, galactic power plays, and gritty heroes, then you’ll love Jamie McFarlane’s rocket-fueled adventure. 

Buy Privateers in Exile to wake up to an extraterrestrial battle today!

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