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    Plenty of research has been done on why companies go terribly wrong, but what makes companies go spectacularly right? That's the question Kim Cameron asked more than a decade ago. Since then Cameron and his colleagues have uncovered the principles and practices that set extraordinarily effective organizations apart from the merely successful.

    In his previous book, Positive Leadership, Cameron identified four strategies that enable these organizations and the individuals within them to flourish: creating a positive climate, positive relationships, positive communication, and positive meaning. Here he lays out specific tactics for implementing them. These are not feel-good nostrums--study after study (some cited in this book) have proven positive leadership delivers breakthrough bottom-line results. Thanks to Cameron's concise how-to guide, now any organization can be "positively deviant," achieving outcomes that far surpass the norm.

    ©2013 Kim Cameron (P)2015 Kim Cameron

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