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Powerful Polarizing Leadership: 2 Books in 1! (Vol. 1)

Donald Trump: The Life Lessons & Rules for Success and Winston Churchill: The Life, Lessons & Rules for Success
Sprecher: David Margittai
Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 7 Min.

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If you’ve ever wondered what makes some of the world’s greatest leaders tick, then listen to the stories of two of the most influential and talked-about authority figures in history. This audiobook reveals the lives, lessons, and rules of success that have inspired Donald Trump and Winston Churchill and completely transformed the way we think about leadership. 

Whatever your thoughts on Donald Trump, the businessman-turned-president knows how to appeal to the masses and rally up support for his ventures. He inspires a polarized following of admirers and bitter opponents yet takes it all in his stride. 

Winston Churchill proved, against the odds, his leadership skills by taking risky yet successful decisions during World War Two. One little-known fact about Winston Churchill is that his leadership prowess went beyond politics; he held a Nobel Prize in Literature and was well-regarded in the world of art. 

Perhaps you are a leader at work and want to improve your leadership skills. Or maybe you want to demonstrate stronger leadership competencies to get a promotion or simply to make better life decisions. Some people are naturally born leaders, but most have to learn the skills along the way. This audiobook reveals what it takes to be a powerful leader and will inspire you to be a great leader, too. 

The Powerful Polarizing Leadership audiobook combines two audiobooks in one: Donald Trump, The Life, Lessons and Rules for Success and Winston Churchill, The Life, Lessons and Rules for Success. By understanding the lives of these two influential, powerful figures, this audiobook reflects on what it takes to be a successful, high-flying leader. 

In this audiobook, you will discover:

  • The lives of these two leaders, from childhood to running countries, and what it takes to get to this position.
  • Donald Trump’s and Winston Churchill’s rules for success - and how you can apply them.
  • Their most significant achievements and dramatic failures - and the lessons we can learn from them.
  • Surprising facts about Winston Churchill and his diverse leadership skills.
  • Actionable leadership principles you can incorporate into your life.

If you want to learn more about how these two men became to be among the most influential and significant leaders in recent history, then click the "Buy Now" button on this page to get started.

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