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Sprecher: Heather Henderson
Spieldauer: 6 Std. und 23 Min.

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This new recording of the beloved children's classic is sure to please!

When Pollyanna Whittier's loving but impoverished father dies, she is left orphaned and alone. Her wealthy spinster aunt, Aunt Polly, agrees to take her in, so she and her few belongs are packed onto an eastbound train. Pollyanna looks forward to living with her aunt, but Aunt Polly is cold and strict. She puts Pollyanna in a musty attic room and expects her to keep quiet and stay out of the way.

Pollyanna's unrelentingly optimistic outlook on life, epitomized by her "Glad Game", turns all lemons she encounters into lemonade and seemingly removes all obstacles; punishments become rewards, unfriendly people are befriended. Soon, everyone in town is playing the "Glad Game". But Pollyanna's spirit is finally broken when a terrible accident with a motor car leaves her badly injured. Long-held secrets are revealed, and even Aunt Polly warms up, not only to her niece, but to a relationship she had long denied herself.

This recording is based on the book by Eleanor H. Porter, originally published in 1913. It is a charming, albeit old-fashioned, classic, but one that still has a lot to offer. Award-winning narrator Heather Henderson also co-produced this audiobook. Her introduction offers a short history of Pollyanna, some insight into audiobook narration, and introduces the listener to life in New England in 1913, adding depth to one's appreciation of Porter's fiction.

Public Domain (P)2017 Post Hypnotic Press Inc.

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