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Payback Time

Making Big Money Is the Best Revenge!
Autor: Phil Town
Sprecher: Phil Town
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Eight Steps to Outsmarting the System That Failed You and Getting Your Investments Back on Track

Phil Town's first book, the number-one New York Times best seller Rule #1, was a guide to stock trading for people who believe they lack the knowledge to trade. But because many people aren't ready to go from mutual funds directly into trading without understanding investing for the long term, he created Payback Time.

Too often, people see long-term investing as mutual-fund contributing - otherwise known as long-term hoping. But the sad truth is that mutual-fund investors are, to a stunning degree, pinning their hopes on an institution that is hopeless. It turns out that only 4% of fund managers consistently beat the S&P 500 index over the long term, which means that 96% of fund investors see a smaller return on their nest egg than a chimpanzee who simply buys stocks in the 500 biggest companies in America and watches what happens.

But it's worse than that. The net effect of hitching your wagon to mutual funds is that over a lifetime they'll fritter away as much 60% of your nest egg in fees. Once you understand how funds engineer this, you'll rush to invest on your own.

Payback Time's risk-free approach is called stockpiling and its how billionaires get rich in bad markets. It's a set of rules for investing (not trading but investing) in the right businesses at the right time - rules that will ensure you make the big money.

©2010 Phil Town (P)2010 Random House

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