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    Join renowned thinker Valiant Thor (whose life has been the subject of many books and films such as The Stranger at the Pentagon) as he examines the symbols of the Great Pyramid at Giza through story, metaphor, and direct teaching, revealing how they might help us in today's world.

    This book is perfect for today's Westerner, who understands the basic principles of Christianity, yet wants to expand their knowledge into more galaxial realms.  

    Outwitting Tomorrow is inspired writing - a timely, practical prescription for survival and growth through the cataclysmic events aligning for this planet, as prophesied of old.  

    The author's mastery becomes apparent due to the complete absence of authoritarian rules. Instead, he focuses on how to expand one's perspective in an intuitive, life-affirming, self-loving way. Each uplifting suggestion has its own innate value, potentially showering the reader in positive outcomes.

    ©2016 Saucerian Press (P)2018 NEW SAUCERIAN LLC

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