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    Welcome to Breakbattle Academy.

    The first school of its kind, where survival of the fittest is not a saying, it's your reality.

    Ruled by those who are elite in name, beauty, and cunning, Breakbattle takes the war of the classes to a whole new level.

    The next four years of my life will be a fight the likes of which I can't yet comprehend, but first, I have to survive orientation week. 

    The Elite Class has plans for me. They will test me until I break, but there is nowhere for me to run.

    Secrets and lies lurk beneath the made-up facade, and I don't mean Breakbattle.

    I mean me.

    There is something that I have to do. There is someone that I'm after. He doesn't know that I'm coming. He doesn't know who I am. But nothing will stop me from seeing my plans through.

    Not my family. Not the Elite Class. Not the pesky fact that I'm a girl.

    Breakbattle's all-boys campus is getting a new student. Don't call me Zela.

    Call me Zeke. 

    Orientation Week is a contemporary reverse-harem high-school bully romance. This is the prequel and features language, dark themes, and sexual scenes. If you're cool with that, dive in!

    ©2019 Ruby Vincent (P)2020 Ruby Vincent

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