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    A governess in jeopardy...and the marquis' son who goes undercover as a housemaid to protect her.

    Lord Octavius Pryor leads a carefree and untroubled life, until the night he visits Vauxhall Gardens in the guise of a woman.

    At Vauxhall, Octavius discovers that being a female is very different from being a man. Annoyingly different, unpleasantly different, and - when he encounters the lecherous Baron Rumpole - dangerously different.

    Determined to teach the baron a lesson, Octavius infiltrates Rumpole's household, where he meets the woman of his dreams: Miss Toogood, governess to the baron's daughters.

    Suddenly Octavius has three pressing tasks:

    1. To teach the baron to keep his yardstick in his breeches. 
    2. To keep Miss Toogood safe.
    3. To convince her to marry him.

    A word of caution: This novel is a bodice ripper, and I mean that quite literally. Bodices are ripped in this book - and not in a playful or sexy way. However, I promise you that all rippers of bodices receive their just desserts.

    ©2020 Emily Larkin (P)2020 Emily Larkin

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