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    When Betelgeuse turns supernova and showers the Earth with unexpected radiation, it changes everything. 

    Mindslip is totally preposterous, yet the story unfolds as if it is happening to you, right now. You are astrophysicist Geoff Arnold, and suddenly you find your body changed beyond all recognition. You then discover that your wife and children have vanished into a world you can hardly recognize. Can you find them and save the world from the effects of Mindslip?

    Prepare to be immersed in bizarre and unexpected characters and to imagine their impossible yet frighteningly realistic predicaments.

    Penned by Tony Harmsworth, a new British author who has already achieved two UK Kindle best sellers in his first year, Mindslip is an extraordinary, truly unique book that blends science fiction with soft psychological horror and unexpected humor.

    ©2017, 2020 Tony Harmsworth (P)2020 Tony Harmsworth

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