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    Are you hungry? Perhaps for some takeout, with a heaping side of some of the most scrumptious voices in the English language?

    You said you'd listen to your favorite narrators read anything: Well, this ambrosial new audiobook brings together an acclaimed cast of narrators to read aloud the menus of some of our favorite local restaurants here at Audible headquarters in Newark, New Jersey, as only they know how. You haven't truly lived, or dined, until you've heard Cassandra Campbell capture the emotional nuances of Newark's best Indian-inflected burgers or let Nick Podehl extol the virtues of the pear arugula salad and then seductively steer you toward a plate of creamy mushroom linguini.

    Six world-class narrators, six iconic Newark restaurants - lunch will never be the same again.

    The full list of narrators includes:

    Chapter 1: Victor Bevine - HOBBY'S DELI
    Chapter 2: Therese Plummer - REDD'S BIERGARTEN
    Chapter 3: Cassandra Campbell - BURGER WALLA
    Chapter 4: Nick Podehl - 27 MIX
    Chapter 5: Eric Michael Summerer - MERCATO TOMATO PIE
    Chapter 6: Bailey Carr - LA COCINA

    Public Domain (P)2018 Audible, Inc.

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