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    The Memory Cloud holds many secrets
    But not all of them....

    Christie Tucci’s Ascension Day went better than expected. Her letter reveals that the Circuit have selected Jake Montana as her life partner. Now all she has to do is find him, and not even the Memory Hunters where he is. Which isn’t a surprise, because Jake has achieved what few people ever have. He’s no longer connected to the Memory Cloud and not even the Circuit can locate him.

    The "Proclamation of Distrust" has changed. It used to warn subscribers about the dangers of the "East", but now it’s focus is more specific. Everyday Alison, all-powerful Principal Conductor of the Circuit, forces subscribers to hear about the dangers posed by Jake. They want one person’s attention more than any other. His sister Tyra, who might turn out to be the ultimate Memory Hunter.

    A sailing boat passes through the firewall that splits "East" and "West". The solitary crew member has a distinctive scar across his face. Like most of his old life he no longer remembers how he got it. All he knows for sure is the value of the knowledge that lives inside him. It’s the secret to destroying the Circuit but it can only be unlocked in the East. A place where nothing is as it seems.

    Memory Hunters is the second book in the thrilling Circuit series. If you like inventive science fiction that’s a little to close to how we live today, you’ll love Tony Moyle’s addicting, fast paced dystopian techno thriller. Get into the adventure today, you won’t forget it!

    ©2020 Tony Moyle (P)2021 Tony Moyle

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