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    Have you ever felt it? Your Emotional Intelligence, your gut feelings and your intuition? Of course you have it, but do you trust these feelings and this knowledge that you don't know where it comes from?

    In this meditation you will learn to notice and trust your intuition.

    Why do we trust the analytical mind more than intuition when making difficult decisions, even though we know it's actually completely unrealistic? Because we are not gifted with limitless knowledge and our intuition may never have been wrong. The mind is prone to error, that's obvious, and it needs an unconscious advisor: always available, quick and competent. One who knows the big picture and doesn't focus on details. It is anchored in your subconscious, the intuition. Think of the secret antennae when it comes to subtle signals. While the mind is busy with the words, the subconscious mind is concerned with the tiny but distinct signals.

    Every second our senses send an infinite number of impressions to the brain. We would be overwhelmed to consciously evaluate all the information and after 40 sensory impressions reach our brain, the permanent flow of information is therefore diverted to another memory: To the subconscious. And here, in our subconscious, the knowledge is stored until we need and retrieve it. A small impulse reaches the conscious mind, and we have an intuition. Then we suddenly know something that we can't explain to ourselves. Have you already listened to your intuition when making important decisions? Trust it, because when we have an intuition, it is the retrieval of information that we have perceived and stored at some point through our five senses. With this meditation you can learn to better understand your intuition.

    You can learn to listen to and trust the quietly whispered suggestion of your subconscious. You can learn to relax and listen to the soft whispering while you persistently search for a solution in your mind.

    Following this meditation, the 432Hz relaxation music "Intuition: Perceive and Trust" will sound without lyrics for your own deep relaxation and meditation.

    ©2021 Syncsouls (P)2021 Syncsouls

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