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    Find out how to build a passive publishing empire with low-content books! Sound too good to be true? Well, thousands are discovering that you can be a book publisher without writing a single word. Low Content Publishing opens the door to passive income by explaining the steps to creating and selling books on the Amazon KDP platform. In it you will:

    • Learn how you can create low-content books that sell on complete autopilot!
    • Discover the insider secrets to building a publishing empire on Amazon quickly and easily!
    • Find out how to quickly uncover the most profitable niches in low-content publishing! These markets are filled to the brim with hungry buyers!
    • Unlock the secrets of low-content publishing insiders who are generating six figures a year from simple journals and planners!
    • Uncover a powerful and free source of tools and utilities that will save you so much time and effort

    Absolutely anyone can do this - even kids!

    And the beauty is that your books sell without you needing to do anything - once set up, this is a truly passive method.

    ©2020 Steve Roberts (P)2021 Steve Roberts

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