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    Once upon a time, humankind ruled the world while lycans and vampires lived in secret.
    This is no longer that time.


    I have 36 hours to live.
    Thirty-six hours to find a solution.
    Thirty-six hours to kill them all.

    My friends. My family. My subjects.

    It's a cruel fate, one my maker subjected me to over a century ago when she placed me in this hell. I learned then that freedom is a falsehood. Escape doesn't exist. I'm a ticking time bomb, slated to erupt.

    Until he appears from above. A vampire. A walking god with icy blue eyes. He claims to be our salvation, but I see him for who he really is - the devil in disguise.


    I don't want to be king, but I'll become one if it means I can have her - the gorgeous ice queen I found waiting for me inside Lilith's labs. She feigns indifference, claiming I do nothing for her, but I see the embers stirring in her stunning hazel eyes.

    Only there's more to her than a pretty little face.
    She's neither vampire nor lycan.
    An immortal without a classification.
    A secret I must now contain in a world collapsing in chaos.

    Welcome to the new beginning.
    My name's King Jace. Allow me to be your guide....

    ©2021 Lexi C. Foss (P)2021 Lexi C. Foss

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