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    Ruby Rey is not your mother's life coach. She's one hilarious professional writer who has overcome her sucky genes to become happy, rich, and wise. If you're seeking motivation, you'll love Ruby Rey's fresh take on important topics such as: 

    • Living the kind of amazing life you'd watch on the big screen 
    • How to change your everyday habits 
    • What the hell it means to "choose happiness" 
    • Not being the prettiest, sexiest girl in the room and how that's an advantage 
    • Ditching those frenemies - an alternative to hard work and luck 
    • One weird trick for improving your mood every day

    Do you like lists? This audiobook has lists! Plus, it includes Ruby Rey's real-life stories that are sometimes raw, frequently funny, and always honest and insightful.

    There's something for everyone, from self-help newbies to the more advanced, who've "been there, done that" through all the basic stuff. What's different about this audiobook is how it's filtered through the keen eyes and witty mind of a professional writer who knows how to craft the entertainment you love. 

    Get ready to realign your mind, shake up your routine, and get back on track. Or just kick back and enjoy a few laughs. This collection of easy-to-follow life lessons may be a powerhouse, but it doesn't take itself too seriously. 

    ©2019 Ruby Rey (P)2019 Ruby Rey

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