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    A Totally Addictive Mystery and Suspense Novel

    The girl’s body is curled up like a shell and almost completely buried in sand. Only her fingertips can be seen, reaching helplessly up toward an escape she will never find....

    Seventeen-year-old Shelby Mayfield sits alone on a bus to Fog Harbor, California. Aside from a few items of clothing, all she has with her is 22 dollars, the ragdoll she’s kept since kindergarten, and the devastating secret she’s been hiding. 

    How long will it be before her family realizes she’s gone? 

    Can anyone see the fresh bruise on her cheek beneath the makeup? 

    Perhaps she was a fool to believe the person she is meeting in this remote little town could help her....

    When a girl’s body is found hidden in a barrel in a woodland cabin, the local police are at a loss. The film from an old camera found looped around her neck is their only lead, but criminal psychologist Olivia Rockwell’s blood turns to ice when she recognizes the ragdoll in one of the girl’s last photographs. She used to own one just like it, and it can only mean one thing: If she doesn’t dig deep into the mind of a deadly killer from her past - her own father - more innocent lives will be in danger.... 

    A totally gripping and utterly addictive crime thriller for those who love Lisa Regan, Kendra Elliot, and Melinda Leigh. But be warned: You’ll be sleeping with the lights on after you’ve raced through in one sitting!  

    ©2021 Ellery Kane (P)2021 Bookouture, an imprint of Storyfire Ltd.

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