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    Aliens kidnapped and tortured me, so how can I trust that Coplan is on my side? 

    Evil aliens plucked me from Earth and did terrible things. My alien rescuers say they want to help, but my body can’t help but shy away. But the more Coplan helps me recover, the more my mind starts to open up. He promises me that the sooner I tell him about what happened, the sooner I can go home.  

    But going home means forgetting all about Coplan. The other Lunarians call him cold, but around me he’s warmth and heat and love. When he looks at me, it’s real, and I didn’t have that back on Earth where my life was carefully constructed perfection. 

    I’m torn. I’m an influencer with millions of fans and my family back home who are sure to miss me, but I don’t know if my heart will ever recover from losing Coplan. And choosing to stay with him would be the biggest risk I’ve ever taken. Am I ready to be the mate of an alien warrior? 

    Her Healing Warrior is a full length alien romance where the good aliens are hot and the bad aliens are vicious. The Lunarians are rescuing abducted humans and finding their mates along the way. Listen today for a fantastically galactic romance! 

    ©2020 Special Fiction Books (P)2020 Special Fiction Books

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