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    I won’t be forced into alien servitude.
    I’ve spent my life mucking out the houses of the rich and famous. I know what they’re really like.
    They think they can take whatever they want.
    I learned that the hard way. 

    Royalty? They have got to be worse.
    I’m not interested in any of them, not even an alien prince.
    I was supposed to be heading to another planet for a one-year housekeeping contract.
    Instead he bought me out.
    Does he think he can own me?
    I don’t want him.
    I won’t submit to him.
    So why is he so...nice? 

    Niall is unlike any rich guy I’ve ever known, but I still can’t trust him.
    Not even when he treats me well.
    He calls me his fated mate!
    But he’s an alien prince and I’m a housekeeper.
    We don’t belong together.
    So why do I want to kiss him more than I want my next breath? 

    Hop on to the space ship for Maid for an Alien Prince, where a smart and tough human housekeeper meets her fated mate in the form of an alien price! 

    ©2020 Special Fiction Books (P)2021 Special Fiction Books

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