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    A practical, easy guide for expecting parents, Grow Healthy Babies provides clear and simple steps for a healthy pregnancy and preventing chronic diseases including asthma, eczema, and allergies. Written by lifelong allergy sufferers who wanted their own children to grow up healthy, this is the comprehensive guidebook every parent needs.

    As parents, we wish for our children to live happy, healthy lives - but we are facing an epidemic of chronic diseases. Half of all babies born today will develop allergies, and up to a third will become asthmatic or suffer from eczema. You don't have to accept these odds.

    Through simple and natural food and lifestyle choices during and after pregnancy, you can lower your baby's risk of developing a chronic illness by up to 90 percent. Referencing over 660 scientific studies, Grow Healthy Babies shows you how.

    You'll discover:

    • How friendly bacteria, your microbiome, shape both your and your baby's immune system
    • Which foods, supplements, birth choices, and feeding practices make a real difference to your baby's health
    • Why environmental factors and certain household products can trigger chronic disease, and how to choose healthier alternatives

    This audiobook shows you how to let your and your baby's health flourish, thus increasing your baby's chances of growing up happy, strong, and free from the burden of chronic disease.

    ©2021 Rubinen / Henning Health ENK (P)2021 Rubinen / Henning Health ENK


    "This is an impressive book. With the depth and quality of information, logical flow, consistency and balance, this is something that everyone planning a family urgently needs to read. It goes straight to the top of my recommended book list for our students!" (Richard Burton, founder and director, Irish Institute of Nutrition & Health)

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