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    Love is where there is no fear. Fear is where there is no love. In our age of anxieties, most of us live by complex expectations about what we should achieve, how we should act, and how others should treat us. As a result, we are victimized by guilt and fear - guilt because our standards haven't been met in the past, fear that they won't be met in the future. Inevitable, these negative emotions wreak havoc on our personal relationships, self-esteem, and peace of mind. But what if we let go of our fear and guilt? The transformation can be miraculous, says world famous psychiatrist and author Gerald G. Jampolsky. The secret lies in healthy perception of yourself. Dr. Jampolsky points the way through fourteen lessons that can change your life. These lessons show:

    • How to quiet the ego-self that creates fear and guilt.
    • How to accept genuine love and give it away.
    • How to stop judging others, thereby to stop judging yourself.
    • How to listen to your inner voice to receive support and guidance.
    • How to forgive others so that loneliness and separation become illusions of the past.
    • And much more.

    Here is a book for everyone who seeks the key to life's most satisfying reward. A book that tells you how to throw off the burdens of the past, and learn what it can mean to truly love.

    ©1985 Nightingale Conant for Gerald Jampolsky, Diane Circincione (P)1985 Nightingale Conant

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