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    Keep your gods close and your monsters closer....

    Police Chief Delaney Reed thinks she knows all of Ordinary, Oregon’s secrets. Gods on vacation, lovelorn ghosts, friendly neighborhood monsters? Check.

    But some secrets run deeper than even she knows. To take down an ancient vampire hell-bent on revenge, she will have to make the hardest decision of her life: give up the book of dark magic that can destroy them all, or surrender her mortal soul.

    As she weighs her options, Delaney discovers she can no longer tell the difference between allies keeping secrets and enemies telling the truth. Questioning loyalties and running out of time, Delaney must choose sides before a kidnapping turns into murder, before rival crochet and knit gangs start a war, and before the full moon rises to signal the beginning of Ordinary’s end.

    Performed by Colleen Delany, Henry Kramer, Danny Gavigan, Amanda Forstrom, Karen Novack, Michael Glenn, Jonathon Church, Jonathan Feuer, Shayna Small, Scott McCormick, Nick DePinto, KenYatta Rogers, Ken Jackson, Ren Kasey, Holly Vagley, Zeke Alton, Nora Achrati, Tia Shearer, Tony Nam, Evan Casey, Mort Shelby, Rose Elizabeth Supan, Lily Beacon, Chris Genebach, Chris Stinson, Dani Stoller, Katy Carkuff, Bradley Smith, Eric Messner.

    ©2017 Devon Monk (P)2019 Graphic Audio, LLC

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