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    Here is an audiobook that introduces us to the ways and means of experiencing freedom from the sin of adultery and fornication.

    In his introduction, the author, Z.T. Fomum, points out that this is a book for believers who have received Jesus Christ. He notes that lusting after the opposite sex has been a great stumbling block to this day for many children of God, including servants of God.

    The author presents the sins of adultery and fornication in all the forms in which they manifest themselves.

    The author presents the Lord Jesus Christ as the Liberator, and he gives practical applications for a walk in total victory over adultery and fornication, from which many people would like to be set free.

    Listen to this book! Many have testified to its liberating benefits.

    ©1990 Zacharias Tanee Fomum (P)2021 ZTF Books Online

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